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is the intentional removal of the female genitalia for non medical reasons.
There are over 200 million survivors of FGM/C worldwide. 44 million are under 14 years old. More than 20 million Nigerian girls and women have undergone FGM, this represents a massive 10% of the global total.

Apart from grave health concerns, Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) is a barrier to optimum productivity of women and girls. It impedes economic empowerment, education, and has lifelong health complications (physical and psychological). Survivors are hindered from fully contributing their quota due to their disability and in some bad cases, very severe health debility or even death.
Every ten minutes, one woman in Nigeria dies due to pregnancy or child birth complications. One of the highest in the world. All this indices consequently add up to affect sustainable growth and economic development negatively.

Nigeria has the highest number of women entrepreneurs globally. Even though most are either
Survival Entrepreneurs
Opportunity Entrepreneur
and not necessarily innovative entrepreneurs which is what Nigeria actually needs.
This Conference aims to demystify and remove the secrecy that shrouds the culture behind FGM. Patriarchal attitude tends to objectify the woman as a tool of society rather than see her as an asset who deserves a seat at the table.

As United Nations (UN) had rolled out the ‘SDG5’ that primarily impacts the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment, our mission is to add our voices in the campaign against FGM. In support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we want FGM to be eradicated in Nigeria by 2030. This conference is “A CALL TO ACTION” This conference is to create disprutive innovators who can create jobs for our teeming youths, who account for over 70% of Nigeria’s total population and grow the economy.

We need to support SMEs owned and/or managed by women and that is why all critical stakeholders must join the global campaign against FGM/C because when the world invests in girls and women, there is a ripple effect which lifts up entire families, communities and countries. An informed woman is a powerful asset in our community. She can change the world. “Building a path to a better future means staying hopeful even when the road ahead is uncertain”



Women Against Violence & Exploitation Foundation (W.A.V.E) is a registered non profit (CAC/IT/NO 90075) dedicated to promoting opportunities that strengthen women’s right and bridge the inequality gap. Our primary mission is to empower women and girls through education, advocacy and programs to end Female Genital Mutilation, prevent Sexual & Gender Based Violence, promote peace & justice and protect women’s and girl’s well being at all times.
The GIRDLE Network is a non-profit organization that runs an online and field awareness programme to sensitize Nigerians about FGM.
They are very active in the global fight against FGM – their famed online advocacy on Twitter @thegirdlengr wherein they have over 4000 followers can be attested by topmost anti-FGM campaigners like 28toomany, EndFGMCanada, equalitynow, EndFGMUK and other leading anti-FGM groups in the world.
Apart from their online advocacy, they rescued a 13-year-old girl from her community wherein they were bent on mutilating her. They went on to sensitize the community. Relatively too, they rescued a 5-year-old girl from her grandmother when it was leaked to them that she was going to be mutilated.